Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aquatic Center Fun

Yesterday I got a call from Betsy asking to go swimming. After the day I had, I was feeling a bit self concious about myself but decided to go anyway...I'm not going to let my issues derail the boys from having fun. Her and Val were meeting up there at 5:30ish so I started making plans of how to get there relatively on time. Anyone who knows me knows that I generally run late for things. Not on purpose, I just think I'm kinda like a shiney thing shiney thing! Distractions. I really do try to make it on time for whatever I am doing.
So I made sure to leave work promptly (I usually leave about quarter after 5) and called Grandma to make sure the boys were ready to go when I got there. Then made a mad dash to get to daycare for Ry, we went home and grabbed swimming stuff (luckily I knew where everything was....miracle!) and then got the boys and headed up. And made it around 5:40. I was impressed personally haha!
The new aquatic center is huge. And really awesome. I sent the boys to go get changed and Ry and I went into the dressing room. The older boys got a bit confused though. We told them to wait right outside the doors (we meant the dressing room doors to the pool) and so when we got to the pool part we figured they were already playing. Nope. They had been waiting by the FRONT doors. Oy. Anyway....they found us with the help of a very nice lady and the play commenced. The middle section had a cool playground looking thing with slides and buckets everywhere and there was a lazy river type deal that had a current to blast you around it. Also lots of slides and some really neat lil kids areas. It was pretty cool. We hit up almost everything. The boys finally got convinced to get the big bucket of water dumped on them and had a blast.
It really was a fun night. We had such a great time.
So thank you to Betsy for inviting us and for Val and the girls for going was fun and I hope to do it again soon!

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