Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Random Thoughts

-I am highly anticipating taxes. Big time. Like...I can't wait till they come. Come on....taxes (said in that game show voice). There is soo much that I want to get done with them and I'm being impatient haha!
-Next week is going to be a big week. To start with a bang, I get to keep all my boys over the night here we come. Then monday is MLK no work which will be nice. Then Wednesday and Thursday I will be at a training in Salt Lake. And Friday is my birthday...which as you get older is just another day. But its still, ya know, a birthday. So it brings on a little bit of excitment.
-I decided to lay down some rules in the house. I was starting to see a hint of boy laziness and we went over some house rules. And it actually went well. I (amazingly) gave up control of the house momentarily and decided to let them pick their own rules, and maybe add one or two in if needs be. And I didn't have to. They chose:
be nice to everyone,
no kicking or hitting,
anyone can go into anyones room (and they added "if they ask" to that later),
no moving the couches around, everyone shares,
everyone helps clean up at night before we go to bed,
everyone helps with bedtime routine,
and I feel like I'm missing some but I can't remember what.
They also chose their consequences. Grounding from the TV, timeout, and butt spanking. I was rather surprised. Pleasantly. So there are our house rules. And so far, for the most part, they are actually following them. Its nice.
-Nate is having epic moments with Bob. Or Zach. Whatever he decides to name his hampster. It changes frequently. We had a house cleaning day last night (as per our new house rules) and they cleaned their rooms rather quickly actually, tidied up their bathroom (and cleaned the toilet, which is wierdly the job all the boys fight over...they love it) and helped me tidy my room and bathroom. Then it was on to Bob/Zachs cage. Everyone huddled and wanted to help. But Nate said several times "Bob, I mean Zach, is my responsibility. I have to clean it by myself." Then would put a sock on his hand and grab Bob/Zach to put him in his ball. He sadly bites now sometimes. I think we disrupt his Chi or something. Anyway. It was pretty epic. He took charge and everyone (even me) had to just watch while he cleaned the cage, got new food and water, reassembled the cage and put Bob/Zach back in.

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