Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bucket List

I have been thinking about bucket lists lately. I wonder if people really do ever make bucket lists? And if they do...do they complete them? Does anyone out there have a bucket list?
I haven't ever made one, but I think a few things included would be:

Travel around Europe
Hit a jackpot
Get married!
Buy a house
Go on a cross country road trip
Visit New York
Sky dive
Go on a cruise
Hike The Narrows
Meet a celebrity
Become president of something

I think thats all. I can't think of anything else. Some of those things seem kinda dur...like duh your gonna want to eventually do that. But I suppose thats what bucket lists are for? The crazy stuff with a little normal mixed in? Maybe. For now...I focus on whats going on in my life now. The rest will come in time I'm sure.

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