Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Long Weekend

Remember how I was sooo looking forward to the long weekend? It was well worth it. For most of it anyway. Friday I ended up having a massively huge migraine and I was not a fun mom. After work I dragged myself and the boys to get diapers (Ry was bone dry out), then we made it to McDonalds and to the Maverick Redbox. And then went home and crashed out. It was actually kind of nice. The boys were well behaved and we all just snuggled all night and watched movies.

Saturday was a better day. And an eventful day. We got the house clean and went shopping. Then I promised the boys lunch so we ate at Top Spot. They were playing around with the arcade games while I ordered food and when I got back to them, a Marine recruiter was tossing quarters at them left or right. I of course was praying that they hadn't been asking for money and it turns out the nice guy had willingly shared his quarter wealth. I thought that was nice and was the highlight of the boys' day.

Very early Sunday morning, Ry woke up burning hot. He was miserable from about 3 am on. Then Nate woke up and had the fever as well. We were out of Tylenol and I was just trying everything possible to get the fever down. By 7 pm it was no use. Grandma came to the rescue and brought some meds and the night ended well.

The only highlight of Monday was Nate weighing his dirby car for the pinewood dirby tonight. Hes rather excited. We shall see how it goes. Oh...and watching Despicable Me. I rarely buy movies...but that one is definitely one I'll fork the money over for.

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