Friday, January 21, 2011

Trippin' and more

-The last two days I was in Salt Lake at a mini-training. It was enjoyable and kind of nice to get refreshers on some things. And also humbling once I realized that I'm not as smarty pants as I once thought....and that I was doing some calculations wrong. Which means my negotiation packets probably make me look like an idiot to the bank. Fantastic! I think I understand better now though and can tweak as needed. But still. Wow.
-My poor Blazer is on its last leg I think. I tried to drive on the freeway and it wouldn't go over 70 mph. And is having issues moving gears. Sigh. I've been trying to scope out a car that I could buy in cash, but its not happening. At least not a car I will know is dependable. And it was rather funny when I called my dad to ask his opinion on a car. "I think that you should probably look into another SUV, they are a bit more durable than cars. And you are pretty rough on your vehicles" he says. (So in otherwords, your a horrid driver and you need an amored truck that can bear you out). I always wondered why my cars never last as long as my parents' did. I've probably had the same amount of cars in the 8 years I've owned cars, as they have since I was born. I need to figure out how to be not so rough!


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