Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh My Dear Yukon

So my Blazer has been on its last leg lately. The transmission is going on it. Me and Nate hop the freeway most mornings in our normal routine, but last Friday we hopped...and it went a grand total of 35 mph. On the freeway. We promptly exited on the next exit and I just took Nate to work with me. Then the fun part is on the normal roads, it generally takes about 5 minutes for it to gain speed from 10 mph to about 35 mph...and in the process I feel like I'm in a mexican low-rider with hydraulics kicked on full blast. So I asked dad if he would be able to scope new cars out with me that weekend just to see whats out there for when I get my taxes. After looking all afternoon we found a Yukon. The guy wanted $3500 but we talked him down to $3200. After a test drive, everything seemed fantastic and we were set to go. Dad offered to pay for it and I'd pay him back with taxes when they came in. Easy as pie. Until we went to get it inspected. Oh so many things wrong with it. Mostly little fixes, but two bigger ones. So my new truck is sitting out of commission for the moment in the driveway. And all I can say is I'm sure grateful my dad is around, without him I'd be lost when it comes to cars. He's been fixing the issues and we are hoping that by the weekend it may be good to go. I can't Blazer luckily has decided to behave a little better thank goodness but it won't be long until it goes to the car graveyard. And I still don't dare to go on the freeway.
So a big shout out to my dad who has been a superstar...he is amazing.

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