Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

Random thoughts for the day....

-My boys crack me up. Last night I picked up Nate and Ty before I got Ryder so we were headed to daycare and out of the blue, Nate says "I wanna be a dog. Dogs have fun. They just get to run around and play and stuff." So Tyler follows with "I wanna be a horse. Then I could go pick up Ryder and give him a ride home." Then Nate changes his thoughts. "I wanna be a shark. Then I could go ARGHHHAGGHH (sharks growl while bearing teeth apparently haha!)" Man I love my kids.

-I watched Julia and Julie. Or was it Julie and Julia. I dunno. Either way...I loved the movie. It made me wish I had the patience and non-lazy-ness to commit to doing something for 365 days straight. I wouldn't last though. Sadly. And it also made me want to learn how to cook french food. Mmmm some of those recipes looked tasty!

-I got new personalized debit cards. I don't know why this excites me soo much but it does. Ahh the simple pleasures of life! :)

-I have a taxes wish list. I'm fortunate that I get loads back from my taxes every year so hopefully this year I can accomplish some of my goals. And I added pictures for variety. See below.

A MUST is getting this whole thing with Danny resolved once and for all. It is going to happen. I am going to have the attorney we work with here help me with everything so thus the reason I am waiting for taxes. Might get spendy. Number 1 priority this year.

A new car! Not this one. But I thought it was kinda funny. I dunno how anyone would even fit in this. But I do indeed need a new car, mine is on its last leg. And I've been looking around and should be able to pick up a good one for not very much. Time to practice my negotiation skills!

A new treadmill! And I would totally look like this guy trying to run too haha! I'm really hoping I can find a good deal and have been checkin craigslist and the classifieds every day! I should be able to pick one up for a couple hundrd from the looks of things.
Along with this....I plan on joining Weight Watchers as well since I've seen alot of successful people do the program. And I need people to be accountable to I think.

If I have money left...I plan on paying down some of the stuff on my credit. We shall see if that happens.

And finally....whatever is left is being stocked in savings and I have a goal to start saving at least $5 a paycheck (which seems tiny but its alot to me) and not spend that money.

So there we go. Odds and Ends and random thoughts for the day. Woohoo!

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  1. I think $5 is a perfect way to start! You've got to start somewhere afterall :) And the aquatic center was SO fun. Me and Jess and Em (bowling, remember) are going Saturday again I think. You could totally come. Friday and Saturday are still free :)