Monday, January 24, 2011

Da Pig

When I go to trainings, the best trainers do personality quizzes at the end. They are kinda fun too. So for this along.

Draw...A pig.

Yup a Pig.

Hurry draw it! Doesn't take long. :)

Is it drawn? Fantastic. Lets look at it.

If your pig is at the TOP LEFT of your page, you are a positive person, very optimistic.

If your pig is at the CENTER of your page, you are more of a realistic person, very factual.

If your pig is at the BOTTOM of your page, you are more negative and pessimistic.

If your pig's face is facing LEFT, you are innovative, but probably also forgetful. You forget birthdays, important dates, appointments, etc (guess which way my pig was facing? Yup!)

If your pig's face is facing RIGHT, you are a traditional type person. You always remember birthdays and anniversaries and love traditions with family, friends, etc.

If your pig's face is STRAIGHT FORWARD, you are a no non-sense type of person. You get right to the point.

If you have alot of detail on your pig, you are very analytical and cautious.

If you don't have alot of detail on your pig, your a risk taker and wear your emotions on your sleeve.

The size of your pig's ears relates to how well you listen. The bigger the ears, the better listener you are.

If your pig has 4 legs, you are secure and a bit stubborn.

If your pig has less than 4 legs, you are going through a period of change.

The size of your pig's tail represents the quality of your love life. The bigger...the better!

Now wasn't that fun? Mine was actually pretty accurate, it was kind of funny. Who knew you could figure out a little bit about someone by how they draw a pig?


  1. I wish I could scan in my picture and show you.. big long tail! haha!!

  2. My pig reveals that I am... a realist, no-nonsense, listener ears are about as big as the head, secure/stubborn, good sized tail, I not sure on the detail, it may be just average. Thanks for the fun!

  3. You'll have to show me later Betsy :)
    Kala thats pretty good i think, although i would've put you in the positive/optimistic catagory as well.