Monday, January 24, 2011

Faith-Inviting Actions

Yesterday was a good day at church. Which its funny how those work since I really wasn't wanting to go, but had the feeling I should. So me and Ry got ready and dragged ourselves there 15 minutes late and sat in the foyer during sacrament meeting. But I quickly learned why I had the feeling to go.
The first block meeting was about the ways Jesus was tempted during his 40 day fast and how we can identify those temptations and conquer them. And how Satan uses soo many different things to get into our heads. He twists things around and makes us wonder whats true and whats not. And we can conquer those temptations if we really pay attention to our weaknesses and how he will play on them. There was also a VERY big emphasis that the key to our strength against temptation is our scriptures. That is how Jesus fought off Satans temptations. Thats how we are going to gain our strength against temptation...using the scriptures. Reading them everyday. And not because we have to, but because we desire that strength and knowledge.
The second block meeting was about our stake challenge for 2011. Our Stake President went through all those back to basic principles we all know and love, but don't follow all the time. He laid them out, how they can impact our lives, and the guiding principles of why we should be working on making them habits. And then said to choose only one from personal actions, and one from family actions. Just one from each. Otherwise we might get overwhelmed and give up on the concept all together. I can do one. Well two...for both personal and family. So I will be working on reading the scriptures daily, and having Family Home Evening consistantly. Those are my two.
One big concept I took away from the whole meeting block was that the Holy Ghost is at our door, waiting for us to let him in. It is a gift, not something that will just be there regardless. We need to do what we can to keep our hearts open and keep our lives pure. This is something I need to personally work on and I think that the lesson was given to remind me what I need to do to improve my life.

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