Monday, January 31, 2011

Painting With a Three Year Old

This weekend was interesting. We decided to paint our office and wow...that was an undertaking. On Saturday, I was there from 9ish to 8ish, so I put in a good solid 10 or so hours.
Then Sunday from 11ish to about 3:30.
Holy cow, I will tell you something....I am sore.
Ryder was a trooper though. He was just so happy go lucky and a good helper for the most part. But he also liked to touch the wet walls, rub against them, see how much paint he could smear off with his butt or back....
You can tell the point where I was done in my office cause there are paint splatters on the ceiling and white specs on the wall. It works though. I am just grateful Ry lasted as long as he did.
I do have to thank my parents for their help with him though, they took him for a good brunt of Saturday. Otherwise I don't think it would've gone as well as it did.

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