Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow! And Other Shtuff

-I cannot believe its snowing. Why couldn't this have happened around Christmas when it was supposed to? Oh well, thats Cedar weather for you. The Yukon thankfully does fabulous in the snow, as long as I take it slow and steady. Thats a big blessing since the Blazer used to slide everywhere. Yay for small blessings. However, the plowing situation in this town is horrible. You think since we get snow every year they would get it down to an art. Oh well.

-I am soo excited that my taxes will be here by February 8. Yay! 8ish more days and I can pay back for the Yukon, get my legal stuff going, and start Weight Watchers. Woot woot! I love tax season.

-I cannot believe it is already February. Holy cow. January seemed to slip by slowly but I have a feeling February is going to fly by. I could be wrong. But...I got that feelin'.

Anywho-got a busy day today so I better get it started. Have a good day ya'll!

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