Friday, February 18, 2011

Spend Less Day 16

Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day. I was, however, extremely sleepy. Me and Nate stopped for a hot chocolate and small snack trip at KB that was $9.83 on the way to work. It was my mommas birthday {Happy Birthday!} so for my lunch break I took some flowers to her work. I'm not disclosing how much I spent on her stuff because she reads this...but I'll discount it out of my taxes surplus so it doesn't count. Normally it would....but its for the sake of secrecy. She shared some yummy Market Grill pie and that was my lunch. After work we were going to try to get alot done and clean the house, but had to run some errands first. We visited with some good friends and ended up being so hungry we decided out. Grr. I really don't eat out this much normally. But when I have a positive surplus of money its really hard not to. I'm going to get my menu planned this weekend though and do some real food shopping so I can start making food again. Anyway...McDonalds was the dinner and it was $17.31. We went home, and being tired I was also ornery. So I was a child slave driver for a second and made everyone help me clean up the downstairs and then we went to bed. Including me....which is rare. 10 hours of sleep I got last night. It felt good though.
This weekend....I need to do a serious cleaning job. And I think I'm going to also do a serious de-junking job. I'm starting to feel cluttered again. I may need to buy some cleaning supplies, but otherwise don't plan on spending any other money this weekend. Luckily food shopping can be put on my food stamps, it will generally last one big shopping trip and a couple small ones. And I'm proof...a family of 4 can live off of $280 (my food stamps balance) food budget for a whole month with some good planning. Sometimes I have to use my spending money...but generally we make it last. It helps that the boys eat 2 of their meals at school/daycare.

Amount spent: $27.14
Amount left: $221.61

This weekend is also going to be spent focusing on my WW goals (keeping track of points and exercising) and coming up with a plan on how to do so. Monday is a holiday so no work for me, and no school for the boys I don't think. My friend Evan's funeral services are that day so I will attend those, then maybe the boys and I will go do something fun. I haven't decided yet. Anyway...happy Friday to you all and have a great weekend!

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