Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spend Less 17, 18, 19, and 20...and weekend happenings

This weekend was an interesting one. It was a mix between happy, somber, funny, loving, and more. Friday our good family friends came through on their way to take their son to the MTC in Salt Lake. It was soo good to see them again and I'm sure proud of their son for choosing this path. So we ate dinner at my parents with them and just had a fantastic evening. Saturday Ry and I woke up early and went to Weight Watchers. This meeting was SOO much better than the Tuesday one I went to and really gave me the motivation I was needing to keep going. We then went home and cleaned up the downstairs before making a menu and shopping.
Shopping was an experience. I decided to just get what was on my list and I figured out the percentages of EVERYTHING I put in my cart (food wise anyway). It was fantastic. Ryder didn't think so, since it took twice as long, but it was worth it. And I am striving to not eat out at all this week since I now have food in my house! Ryder didn't take a nap so we got a couple redbox movies and went home. He fell asleep early as I predicted and a friend of mine came over to watch the other two movies. It was a good night.
Sunday we slept in. I set my alarm to wake up to go to church with my parents, and it either didn't go off or I didn't hear it, and Ry didn't wake up super early as usual. So we pretty much got up and kinda cleaned up and had breakfast. We headed to parents to help cook lunch/dinner and had a good visit with the family friends again. It really was an enjoyable afternoon.
Monday....well was tough. Evans services were that day and I wasn't sure what to do. School was out and I was off work for Presidents Day, and parents were out of town so I didn't have a babysitter. My awesome friend Darlene offered up her boys to watch mine while we all went and it was an enjoyable time. Evan looked more peaceful than I've ever seen him before, and it was nice to see friends there who were all brought together, even though it was a time of sorrow. The services, well, kinda made me mad. His own uncle was chastising him. He's dead dude...leave him alone. When he was here, he had a good heart and was truly a good person, and just because you didn't agree with some of his choices, doesn't mean he was a bad person, or that he isn't going to a peaceful place. Anyway. Off my soapbox now. After the services, the girls I was with decided to have lunch so we went to Dennys then to the graveside to put flowers down. I was happy when we got back to Darlenes that the boys were happy and content (even Ry!). As a reward for being so good we went to the Aquatic Center and swam for a couple hours. It was nice to have a break and to be able to just think and digest things while they played.
So this weekend was truly a good one. With all sorts of mixed feelings....but good all the same.
I'm really not going to try to break down everything so between the shopping trip, gas for the car, donating to Evans family, flowers for Evan, lunch with the girls, swimming, and other odds and ends I'm sure I'm forgetting, heres the breakdown.

Amount spent this weekend: $281.79
Amount left: -$60.18

Yes I overspent. And funny enough, I don't feel bad about it at all. A big chunk of it this weekend went to help a family in need, and so I felt I did my part to pay respects. And I should be set for the rest of the month, so I shouldn't have to spend anymore. And the plus side, I still have money in the bank. For the first time in about 6 months, I'm not literally living paycheck to paycheck. And it feels soo good. So here's hoping for a good rest of the month and not getting too much further behind.

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