Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spend Less Day 8 ugh

My spend less day was not so thrifty yesterday. Some was planned, some was not. Some came from tax money....some did not. I luckily didn't buy anything on my lunch break except for some snackage for Ty since it was early out and he didn't eat lunch at pre-school. This equated to $6.37. I had my meeting with my attorney yesterday and it went really well. He went through my paperwork and decided I'm being to neutral, asked if I wanted to use my paperwork or have him write up new paperwork that was a little more in my favor. After looking at everything, I decided to have him write it up and he's thankfully going to work with me on fees and such for this whole process. I'm so grateful for that and for him you have no idea. Although he generally requires a hefty retainer fee, he just told me to pay what I could so I threw down $300 for that to start. Luckily, that was accounted for in my taxes so I won't count it towards my daily spending amounts.
Then after work I needed to address the broken vacuum. That took $60 and some change, and the boys so kindly reminded me that I had promised them some books when taxes came around. I love that my boys are requesting books and not video games or something else, so we got some books and I also grabbed a couple new pans that I had been promising myself I would buy (mine are horrid, the teflon is flaking off and they won't come completely clean anymore) so that trip totaled to $63.06. Sigh I am more aware of my spending now, and cringe to see that amount. I then gave in and got pizza for dinner. Another sigh. But it was Little Ceasars hot-n-ready so it equaled out to $15 for that. Another big sigh though. I really need to start menu planning. I keep holding out until I go to WW so I can see what all I need to buy to stick to the plan, but I got to stop being so lazy with it. I will do better. I have to do better. I'm done using "baby steps" as an excuse and just need to get on it.
On the plus side, I had some inspiration last night. I was all ready to just kick back and read my book {The Host by Stephanie Myers. I was skeptical at first...but now I'm soo deep into it I can't wait to read more tonight!} till I got sleepy, when a text came in from the fantastic Betsy telling me she had just finished her 30 minutes and felt great. I felt a sudden twinge of guilt that I wasn't planning on completing my 30 on the treadmill I hopped, book in hand, and busted it out. So thank you to probably didn't even know it but you motivated me to do my time. :)

Grand total spending today: .....$444.43 {cough cough choke. sigh.}
Amount paid by taxes: $300
New grand total: $143.44 {better...but still gag worthy}
Amount left for Febuary: $491.29

All things considered, I'm 4 days shy of being half way through the month and still have almost $500. So doing good that way. But I'm still feelin the tug of guilt that I spent so much today. Some was necessary, some was not. I'm really going to try working on that. February was a wierd month to start anyway....with taxes being part of the equation. I don't really feel that I'm on a spending limit when I see whats in the bank. But that amount is dwindling quickly after some of the big purchases I made. Today, my plan is to make only one purchase, gas for the truck, since I've been neglecting it and I'm down to quarter of a tank. Thats my goal. No more spending on things I don't NEED.
Have a good day ya'll!

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  1. hooray for walking!! woot woot!! The spending will get easier - especially because you become so much more mindful of what you want to actually spend your money on :) And, I'm emailling you another link with recipes.