Friday, February 4, 2011

February Spend Less Day 2, Soap, and Baptisms

So...I was hoping for not spending money yesterday but that didn't happen. While picking up the boys from daycare I was informed Ry was almost out of diapers, which he is at our house too. And the story is true that gas lasts longer on the top half of the tank...because the top half lasted me 7 days and within 2 days it was down to quarter tank. So my plan of filling up at half way is going to be set in stone. So that took $60 (cough cough ugh) And while at the store I was aware of my spending but not as much as I should've been. I spent $20 on diapers, then saw a cute workout suit thing I've been eyeing to go on sale, and got that for $10. Also needed to stock up on Ryder food a little and some odds and ends and after everything I spent $50 and some change. For my sake I'll round it to $51. I was proud of myself though. There was, for once, a really cute shirt and skirt combo that I really wanted to get, and I resisted. I about threw them in my cart...and then remembered my goal of spend less and put them back. I also resisted grabbing fast food on the way home. Also a miracle since I didn't feel like cooking. We ended up having breakfast for dinner. Yay for easy food!
So the totals for today:

Money spent: $111
Amount left for February: $721

Today and tomorrow I will be spending ALOT of money...because my taxes came in today {Woot Woot!} and I need to pay my dad back and go shopping for food (although I thankfully don't have to count that since I'm on food stamps). And of I am also scoping out a treadmill for cheap on craigslist. Next weeks expenses are also going to be kind of high, since I need to go renew my license (yeah its expired. I forgot it expired this year) and also, and more excitingly, I have to pay my attorney to start the filing process for the divorce! Woot woot!
Luckily...all of this money was planned for my taxes so it won't count towards my normal spending money. Yay!

Ty also ALMOST learned what soap tastes like last night. He's been having an issue with telling little white lies, and nothing I do seems to make him stop. And I refuse to raise a liar. He told me last night he didn't hit Nate with his new belt while I was putting stuff in the back of the truck... even though I saw him do it with my own two eyes. This is after 45 minutes in Wal-Mart of him playing around, not listening, and singing loudly when I would try to talk to him. Ohhh buddy if I would've had some soap right then and there he would've gotten it. He is soo lucky that we weren't home yet. Well this all ensued a semi-yelling match between me and him, me ending the fight with "Prepare yourself because you are getting soap when we get home! And not the bar kind you can spit out...your getting liquid!" This of course, made him cry but it wasn't his annoying whiney cry, he was truly sad and kinda scared. It broke my heart. I hate when that happens....the whole you really need to follow through but your child is sobbing and looking at you like your a mutant monster whos about to eat him alive. I didn't have the heart to soap up and he had calmed down by the time we got home, so his punishment instead was to clean up the living room while I made dinner, and he did it for the most part without too much poking and proding. Oy this parenting thing is a tough gig.

Now for momentous times....Nate has chosen to get baptized! His baptism is tomorrow in Parowan at the new church at 10 am for any who may want to join. He is soo excited. Grandma took him shopping for a new suit last night. They got the whole sha-bang....pants, shirt, jacket, tie and belt. He is soo proud of that thing and is really excited for tomorrow. It makes me proud that he chose this and helps me see how strong his little spirit is. It has also strengthened my testimony to see how much he really wants to make this choice for himself and how excited he is to receive the blessings that will come with it. I don't think anything is more precious than the beautiful spirit children possess. He may drive me crazy sometimes, but he is truly God's child and I feel soo lucky to have him as my son.

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