Friday, February 25, 2011

Spend Less Day 23 and WW

Wow this month is flying by. I don't know if it is because I'm keeping track of everything or if its just been a quick month. But either way its almost gone and done. Anyway...yesterday was also a good day. I got alot done at work and had an enjoyable conversation with my mom last night. After, we went home and ate leftovers and Tyler learned a valuable lesson. If he wanted hot chocolate he needed to eat his food. If he wanted to eat all his food, he better do it by 8:00. Did he do either? No. And he learned no matter how much he said he hated me or screamed, I would just say "Well I love you" and walk away. It only took about 10 minutes for him to calm down and jump in the shower. I hate being mean. And I hate not letting him eat all his dinner. But I also hate even more that he played and whined and cried while everyone else was eating. So I suppose being mean isn't bad every once in awhile.
I also did pretty good on my points for the day. And I got to say, I did have a bit more points than I should've on Monday (like, 20 more than I should've. Dang Denny's) and I'm disappointed in myself for that part, but its a wierd realization that I'm still okay on my WW since extra points are alotted a week. And I've been eating WAY more fruits and veggies than in the past. So even though I crashed on one day, it's okay. No I probably won't lose as much weight this week as I could've, but I also haven't wanted to give up which is a miracle since my other attempts at "dieting" have failed within a week. I'm looking forward to weigh in tomorrow to see if being on track for the most part this week has done anything with my weight. I've been tempted to weigh myself at home, but I'm not going to. I don't want the number I lose to be the only focus, I'm doing this for my overall health too. But I'm still excited to see.
On another note, I've decided I really need to clean out my facebook friends list, but I won't. I realized I have alot of guys on there that were people I would've loved to date and probably could've.... but didn't. And they are all slowly starting to post pictures of their new girlfriends or writing lovey dovey statuses. And its a bit depressing. Which is another motivator to this losing weight deal. I have always been headstrong in that I wanted someone to love me for who I was regardless of my size, but then I have to realize guys appreciate a girl with confidence, and I don't have that at the moment. If I don't love me for me, then why would I expect someone else to? And to me, the way I'm going to gain more confidence is by being healthy since the majority of my insecurities come with my size. So wierdly, I keep watching lovey dovey movies, and keep those guy friends on my list as motivators to get healthy so I can have the confidence to be me. It's just a slight bit depressing that they have what I want. My time will come though, I have faith.
And an update on the Spend Less challenge....yet another $0 day. Woot woot! Wow it makes a difference when I have food at home and don't have to eat out. I don't foresee any expenses except some diapers for Ry and some more wipes since we are out. Otherwise, I have a half tank of gas that should last me another week, food in the fridge, and plenty of TP. I should be good :)

Anyway...I hope you all have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!

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