Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spend Less Day 6...and The Mighty Treadmill

Yesterday I spent more than I expected on things that I didn't expect to spend on. Lunch time rolled around and I forgot I had brought some tuna and crackers, so while I was out taking Ty to school...I stopped at Arbys. $8. Sigh. Today will be better though. No spending money on lunch. Also on lunch I vaccummed out the car, $1 there. The boys had dropped Salt and Vinegar chips all over the car and I couldn't stand the smell anymore.
I was planning on it being a cleaning day after work but then the boys and Grandma reminded me tonight was Free Family Movie Night at the boys' school. Thats a good FHE I figure, and funner than cleaning for the boys so away we went. I had thrown some rigatoni and meatballs in the crockpot on lunch as well and was planning on eating that...but by the time we got home it was quarter to 6 and we didn't have time to eat it. So off to BK we went. Another $9 for that. But we did order off the dollar menu so instead of it being about $20 so we did limit our spending there. But still. So the movie was good...they had free popcorn...and the floors were really hard. I should've brought a blanket. Lesson learned.
Afterward my crafty kids reminded me that no FHE is good unless treats are provided....so we went to Maverick for a quick treat on the way home. Oy it was a bad trip with Ryder screaming because he couldn't have a hot chocolate AND a cookie. Well anyway...$12 there. I really need to stop spending.
But today we have to go get some Valentines candy for Tylers party, and also need to buy Valentines for daycare. Luckily...Grandma took the boys shopping for their school Valentines so that was a big help. I really dislike shopping for Valentines. The boys can never decide what they want to give...and generally its the most expensive stuff there. Oy. So it ends up in pouting kids because I'm a mean mom and won't let them give a big box of chocolate to every kid. But such is life.

So spending totals for the day: $30. ugh. Wow that adds up quick.
Total left for February: $644.72

So in my feat to lose weight, I bought the treadmill. And we have a love/hate relationship. I'm hoping after I get in the habit more, it will become more enjoyable. Last night I was tired, and really didn't feel like doing it. But...I had to. I made myself. I promised myself I'd stop at either the 30 minute mark, or a mile. Whichever came first. And since I've only been going about 2.2 mph on it...they arrived at the same time. And I felt great after. Funny how that works eh?

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