Monday, February 28, 2011

That Nasty Word!

I had to chuckle when I read my friend Chelsea's blog today (I'd link up to it but I have no idea how to do that). She has been doing fantastic at losing wieght and was talking about the word obese. I know that my numbers are off the charts for being obese. That nasty word. I even hate typing it. Back in the days of school, my ideal weight was 110 lbs. Yes I remember that horrid number, because I hated it. And looking back, I was not fat! I wanna kick my 16 yr old self in the butt for ever thinking of myself as fat. I mean I wasn't ever a twig girl, but I definitely wasn't as fat as I had myself pegged in my mind. Anyway, the reason for this thought process is I was assessing how much I should weigh based on my height, and its a much better number. 114 lbs - 146 lbs. I can handle that. I still have a ways to go before I reach that range, but I'm on my way. And I do have to thank my fantastic WW program for that. Oh how I am loving the fact I finally joined. I had my first weigh in on Saturday, and after a week of watching my eating and exercising, I have lost 5.4 lbs! I was absolutely shocked, mostly because on that Monday I just let myself eat whatever (went over my daily points by 20!) and only did my treadmill 4 outta the 7 days. And still lost that much! So this week, I'm challenging myself to beat that number. I did have a hang up over the weekend and went over my daily points alittle bit, but not much at all. If I can keep up the rest of the week staying in my daily points and exercising every day, I really think I can beat it!
In this process, I have to thank my fantastic sis-in-law Betsy. If she wasn't doing the WW thing I don't think I would've had the motivation to do it myself as well. I am always the most excited to tell her of my successes and am sure proud of her successes too! So thank you Betsy, I really do appreciate you a lot and appreciate you motivating me to change my lifestyle. :)

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  1. You've given me a new motivation too :) So, THANK YOU!