Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spend Less Day 7

Yesterday went off pretty well figuring what all we had to do. I brought my own lunch woot woot! So there was money saved there. After work, the boys and I trudged on to Wal-Mart to get some candy for Tylers class party and some hampster food, since Bob's food got dumped all over Nate's floor. By some mysterious ghost who resides in the house......anyway. We got a big bag for $5. I saw a fantastic bedset I REALLY wanted. And resisted. Almost put it in my cart. But resisted. I've decided stuff like that I'm going to use as rewards for my weight loss stuff. We did, however, get 12 spoons for $3 which were much needed since when Ry cleans up his dinner, he throws everything away. I can usually dig out the plate or bowl but not always the spoons. Then on to the candy. Thank you again, food stamps, because what would've been a $26 purchase ended up being $9 and some change. Phew.
We then went home and ate the crockpot pasta from the night before {which was a hit with Nate by the way...he had seconds!} and commenced the cleaning of the bedrooms that we hadn't gotten to the night before. The boys were busy little buggers. Ry and Ty got their room knocked out and beds made within like 10 minutes. Nate...well...he had alot to clean. But the other two pitched in and helped. We also cleaned Bobs cage out. As mentioned previously...Nates floor was covered in corn, seeds, alfalfa, etc layers. So as I go to vacuum, something mysterious got sucked up and completely ripped the belt apart. Theres another expense I gotta take care of today, since Nate still has layers of food on his floor. Oy. Anyway...
Sometime this month I need to renew my license, which is now expired {whoops} and also fill up on gas. Also, I have an appointment with the attorney today WOOT WOOT!! I'm going to be soo very excited to have all this done and over with. Not to mention the extra help that child support will give. So those are my To Dos this week....fix the vacuum, get gas, renew license...and pay attorney. On to tally.....
Amount spent today: $9
Amount left for February: $635.72
Also, I actually kind of looked forward to my treadmill time last night. I was going to try to bust out a mile in the last 20 minutes of Parenthood (my new favorite show) and decided after about 5 minutes I needed to slow it down. But I did end up kicking out 1.10 miles in 30 minutes. Pretty good I think. Oh and to add to my list of To Dos, I'm going to a WW meeting sometime this week to get registered and started. I'm rather excited! So I'll be tracking my Spend Less AND my WW. Yay :)

Thats it folks....have a great day!

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