Monday, February 7, 2011

Spend Less days 3, 4, and 5...the weekend

This weekend was a big roller weekend as I had thought it would be. Tyler ended up coming down with Strep that moved to his leg, wierdly enough. I'm happy my mom thought to take him in to the doctor. So he ended up staying with me over the weekend. After picking him and Ry up after work, we tried to think if soft stuff we could make at home and I remembered I hadn't been shopping yet. Whoops. So after much debate, we ate Taco Bell for dinner, and spent $18 there. Then we decided to go get a redbox movie and spend the night in. We ended up with How To Train My Dragon {super cute I'd think about buying} and Devil for me. there was $2.13 for them. We all relaxed and both boys ended up falling alseep. The Devil movie was quite good. It was scary as all get out...but the premise of the movie was taking responsibility for your actions, because as soon as you do, the devil can't get you. I was feeling very enlightened. Like my eyes were opened again to something I had known, but needed remembering. My favorite line was the devil talking to one of the characters and saying "Darn, I really wanted you. I really wanted you." Oh how true is that? He does want us and will do everything he can to get us.

So Day 3 spending: $20.13
Money Left: 700.86

Saturday was Nates baptism so we went over to Parowan for that. Tyler was still not feeling 100%, so him and Grandma stayed home and watched How To Train My Dragon at her house. Afterwards, Ty was feeling a bit better so we we perusing a couple stores. Two things I had wanted to get with my taxes were a treadmill or a lazy boy. And now that I have a new goal of losing weight, I decided on a treadmill. I went to Sports Authority and found one for half of the original price, and bought it for $600, which I won't count towards my spending because it was tax money. I realized it was past lunch time and the kids were hungry, so we stopped at Top Spot. That cost us about $16 plus some change for games. Then dragged the treadmill home and tried to put it together. 2 kids and several parts lost and scattered later, the treadmill was finally up and working. To celebrate, we went for ice cream for $8. I know. Bad weekend on spending. I've re-newed my goal to not eat out. After, we needed to get treats for Nates Sunday dinner so we went to Lins and got cookies and ice cream, which were on food stamps $0 of pocket yay! Then home... and watched a movie till bedtime. And...I forgot to return the redbox movies so another $2.14 for them.

Day 4 spending: $626.14 - $600 from taxes = $26.14
Amount left for 21 days: $674.72

Sunday, Ty claimed he was sick so we ditched out on church and rested until Sunday dinner and had a spectacular pizza dinner with the family and watched the Super Bowl afterwards. It was nice to spend time with the family. But the boys were getting rowdy so we went home and Nate tried out the new treadmill, while the rest of us watched Americas Funniest Home Videos. And then it was bedtime. Glorious bedtime. After bedtime, I did my first mile on the treadmill and it felt great! Then off to bed for me. And...officially a No Spend Day! :)

Day 5 spending: $0!
Amount left for 20 days: $674.72

Whoopie! Today I need to splurge for a car vaccum but that should just take change, and we need to go shopping for food. And get more gas. But I wanted to wait until I go to Weight Watchers for food shopping so I can plan a menu. And going to Parowan took more gas than expected. So we shall see how the day goes!


  1. I don't know if this will help, but reading through your spending habits, it seems you run to the store almost every day for little things you need as you need them. I've made up a spreadsheet that I update each month with where our money needs to go. Once it's gone... we have to just stay home, no if, ands or but's about it. It has a list of Costco items we need for the month, plus a list of things we need from Walmart. I don't include groceries because of EBT (and once that's gone, we live on what we have). It has everything we could possibly need for the month(soap, stamps, car maintenance, literally EVERYTHING) and we make one shopping trip to Costco and one trip to Walmart for hygiene stuff. I limit myself to one grocery shopping trip a week and if I forget something, it has to wait until the next week when I go and I keep a running list. If you want, I can make you a copy of this spreadsheet and email it to ya and you can put in all your expenses and see just where the money should be going. It really helps us as we have a very limited amount we can spend each month. If we have anything left over, it goes into savings to be pulled out only when needed. It's taken a while to put together because I have to think of what we need and then check the prices at the store and input all that info. Let me know either by FB or txting me and I'll get it to ya if you want.

  2. Sorry to be such a bother... but also thinking of it as "I have this much I can spend each day" puts the thought in your mind that you CAN spend that money and makes it easier to spend that money. Maybe you should look at it as "each day I have this much i can SAVE for...... later." Just a thought. :)