Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spend Less Day 15

My day yesterday was interesting. I'm not one that is super emotional, and I wasn't really yesterday. I just couldn't function well. Odd how that happens. So anyway after work the boys and I headed to WalMart for some much needed shopping. Because I'm a horrible cook, my kitchen is not stocked on the normal kitchen tools. So because I am going to start cooking more labor intensive meals, I realized I needed to get my kitchen stocked. We also tried to get some food....but half way into shopping I was ready to hurt some boys and so we stopped shopping midway. So I only got part of my shopping done, to the tune of $69.41. Afterwards, I'd been promising to get myself some new clothes that fit, even though I'm hoping they don't fit much longer (WW woohoo!) so I told the boys if we went to Cal-Ranch and they were good, we could look at the baby chicks and it went successfully. The money for the clothes I also sectioned out from taxes so I am not counting it in my totals. We ate food at home for dinner (yay for not eating out at all today!!) and went to bed. It was a good night.

Total spent: $69.41
Amount left: $248.75

Today is going to be an interesting day. I'm rather excited about it. I can't wait to see how some things pan out....but more on that later. Have a great day all!

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