Monday, February 28, 2011

Spend Less February Wrap Up!

It is the last day of the month. And I'm wrapping up my February challenge of Spend Less. I did go over, but I feel like my main perogative, to save money, was accomplished. My final totals:
Spending: $466.06 - $66.06 over
Amount in savings: $335
Amount in checking: Couple hundred :)

So here's the deal. I did go over on things because of some expenses of which I'm sad I had for the month, but happy I could help the family in need {happy moment....after all the donations and tribute nights and etc, the community has raised enough money to completely cover the funeral costs and headstone for Evan!} but sadly those things do come up. And if I hadn't been on my Spend Less trek, I don't think I could've helped as much as I would've liked. I've successfully wrapped up my spend less month with money in all my accounts (a first for a LONG time) and I feel good about my accomplishments.

I am going to try the challenge again for March. I won't do daily updates on it, but I will tally my weekly amounts and see how well I'm doing there.

So I consider this month.....A SUCCESS!

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