Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spend Less Day 21 and more

Yesterday went relatively well. Work was interesting and there has been some high drama stuff going on with some things I'm involved in at work, but hopefully that will simmer down soon. Last night we went to Nate's Blue and Gold Scout Banquet. He earned his Language and Culture belt loop thing. It was a nice night, except that the boys were being terrors. Namely Ryder. But the other two contributed their share. It made me realize how much a spouse would be useful in times like those. There was yummy sloppy joes and jello, and lots of cake. And I did pretty good actually. I ate one sloppy joe, a scoop of jello, and one piece of cake. And then shared a couple bites of Tylers sloppy joe, and a couple bites of cake. Which is like, revolutionary because before I probably woulda downed 2 sloppy joes and shared with the kids, plus had multiple pieces of cake. This WW deal is good for me I think. And I stayed on track with my points. But anyway...on to Nate. I am soo proud of him for wanting to join Boy Scouts. I think it has helped him out even in just the short time he's been attending. And he absolutely LOVES it which is even better. I need to get better being involved in it all. All in time though. After the banquet we visited Grandpa and Grandma for a minute and went home to bed. A friend of mine was needing some friendly company after a bit of a rough day, so we watched movies and just had a nice, peaceful evening. It really was a good night. I didn't, however, get my treadmill mile in unfortunately. I think I'll do double tonight to make up for it. I did good the two days previous and I want to be able to contribute alot of miles to a challenge we are doing at WW.

On another note, I have the lyrics of a song running through my head from I'm Coming Home by J. Cole. I can't help but think of Evan on this one. And I'm not one to focus on things that I can't change, so this has been an experience. But every time I've heard this song he has popped into my head for some reason. Maybe as a comfort? Who knows. The chorus is as follows:

I'm coming home, coming home. Tell the world I'm coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday. I know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakes. I'm coming home, coming home. Tell the world I'm coming.

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