Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spend Less Day 22

Yesterday I did good. Yet again, a $0 spend day. Ah it feels nice not to eat out. And its alot tastier homemade style. It was early out for school, so I had to go get Tyler earlier than normal for school AND they start early out days earlier than before. So we didn't have alot of time but I knew if I didn't get something ready for dinner I would be tempted to eat out. So we stopped by the house with 10 minutes until kindergarten started. I had decided earlier I would do Catalina Chicken because it's easy and tasty. And it was! It took all of 2 minutes to throw frozen chicken in the crockpot, and dump in some Catalina dressing and some apricot jam. And we made it to Kindergarten right on time. When we got home, the house smelled absolutely delicious and it was soo nice to only have to cook up some rice and veggies. Ty and Ryder loved it. Nate not so much. But I still consider it a winner. And even better it was a low point meal...with heaping portions! A cup of rice doesn't seem like alot until you measure it out and holy moly it filled the plate I was using. Very satisfying. Then I did my treadmill time and it was overall a great night.
This a Flogging Molly type of morning. Yup thats my playlist for the day...hyped up Irish music. Granted it makes me want to find me a cute irish man with a cute accent who can sing. And would be fantastically funny and quirky. Like the guy on P.S. I Love You. Ahhh the bliss that would be. Maybe I should take a vacation to Ireland. Hehe. Have a good day all!
P.S. the picture is of Flogging Molly. I love the red rain boots. Ahh cute irish leprechauns :)

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