Monday, February 14, 2011

Spend Less 10, 11, 12 and SA Day

So my spend less weekend was less spendy than I thought it would be. Not too shabby. Friday I ended up talking with mom most the night so by the time we got home, Ry and I grabbed some dinner for $20ish and went home to sleep.

Day 10 spend day: $20
Amount left: $400.29

Saturday was yet another uneventful day. For some reason I woke up with a killer migraine that knocked me down until about 3 pm. I rarely ever get migraines but holy cow that one was super bad. So I missed weight watchers....and didn't get any cleaning or laundry done that morning as discouraging as it was. We ran some errands and got dinner at Wendys for $13.54 and rented Redbox for $3.20 (and returned them on time woohoo) and hung out the rest of the night.

Day 11 spend day: $16.74
Amount left: $383.55

Sunday was of course a no spend day...I never spend money on Sunday so no shocker there. But we had a great family dinner of some delicious ham (and Betsy's yummy glaze mmmmm) and my mom tried a new potato recipe that looked kinda funny but wasn't too bad. The boys were rather hyper so it was quite the night, and I was ornery for whatever reason so we all ended up going to bed early.

Day 12 spend day: $0!
Amount left: $383.55

And now today. Today is SA Day. Single Awareness Day for those who may not know. This is a sting enough being single but the day couldn't have started any worse. Woke up late but was still going to manage being on time to work until I tried to get a booger out of Rys nose and he turned at the wrong time. Yeah blood everywhere. And I couldn't get it to stop. My couch looks like a CSI scene. So we got the boys to daycare and I'm running late so figured I'd just take Nate to school so he could eat breakfast and we pass the cemetary. "Where is Graysons body?" he asks. "Where did you bury it?" How do you tell an 8 yr old that you were stupid and made poor decisions? That because of you, his brother burned with other bio-hazard crap and didn't get a proper burial? So no there wasn't a grave to go visit or a body anywhere....yeah. I tried and couldn't answer that question in any way that didn't make the whole situation sound monsterous. Which it was monsterous. And it was my fault. Obviously a teary morning.
Hopefully the rest of the day goes better.

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