Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strong Women

I have come to know quite a few very strong women in my lifetime. And I look up to them. There are some truly beautiful souls out there in the world. All have different attributes that impress me, and make them completely different from each other but with that common thread. There are some who are so sweet and endearing. Rather quiet and very humble. They don't know how amazing they really are. Then there are the ones who are bold, and outgoing. They don't let anyone stand in their way and they get things done. Also very humble, but more confident about their abilities. Then those middle grounders who are a little bit of both. All of which I love. And I hope to gain those attributes someday. What brings me to think about this was a discussion at work about how I'd changed so much since I started working. I knew inside I had changed but I didn't realize how apparent those changes were, at least at work.
There are still soo many traits I would love to gain though. I would love to be able to just randomly start talking to some stranger and make a friend while waiting in line at Wal-Mart. I sooo wish I was more outgoing. I'd love to be the friendly person who you just love talking to because they have no idea who you are but act like they've known you a lifetime. I wish I was more of a leader as well. I'm having to learn how to do that more now with my job, but its not easy. I can feel it inside, but I don't have the confidence to portray it.
But in all this rambling, I think about Ryders favorite book at the moment about Hermie and Wormie. As they walk through life, they meet a strong ant and pray to God wondering why he didn't make them strong like the ant...and he replies "I'm not finished with you yet." Then they meet a beautiful ladybug, and again ask why they weren't as beautiful as the ladybug with the same response "I'm not finished with you yet." They then meet a snail with a warm home and get so frustrated, and of course ask the same question. And hear once again, "You are special, but I'm not finished with you yet. I'm giving you a heart like mine." Hermie and Wormie don't understand so they go to bed and dream of being special like the ant, the ladybug and the snail and realizes that those are their special traits to have, not his. Hermie prays and in essence says I understand now, you think I am special and that is whats most important to me. And thats what matters most. And the next morning, he wakes up as a beautiful butterfly. Its a simple story but such a beautiful one that I need to remember. Others may have traits I admire, but those are thier traits. Mine are coming, He's just not finished with me yet.

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