Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big decisions

So I really wish that before you start your schooling career, you would be required to take the Academic Probation course. Why? Because I had some insight yesterday that I thought I'd share. As many may know (since I talk about it on here a lot) the only  two classes I find I'm struggling in are the only two classes I'm taking this semester that go towards my major. At first I figured I was just out of touch with going to school...which I still believe to an extent....but the thought of taking more accounting classes and econ classes makes me kind of want to puke. Mostly because I know I will struggle with them. Well in the Academic Probation class I have, we had a counselor from the Career Cafe give a guest presentation yesterday on why it's important you find your purpose. The counselor was in Corporate America for like 26 years. He got paid bank, got to travel to 21 different countries, lived the life of luxury....all that great stuff. But he hated it. To the point it made him physically ill. So that made me think about why I decided to choose what I did. I think the reason I chose Business Management is because I like the status that gives and the wages. Not because I'd enjoy the work. The more I think about a career in Business, the less and less I think I'm in the right major. However...registration for classes starts soon, and I've been stressing because another semester of business classes that I know I will struggle in and possibly not pass means that I could possibly be on academic probation AGAIN and could possibly be kicked out of school and forced to take a year break before coming back. I REALLY don't want that to happen. So, I've made an appointment with the career counselor for a session that I'm sure will be enlightening. It will be 1 1/2 hrs of I'm assuming self assessments, looks into careers that could happen with different majors and where I would fit in best. I do have to say I'm rather excited for this, as I'm hoping I can find a major that will fit me and what I want to accomplish in my life. And the plus side... some of the majors don't require any classes over 1030 which is Quantitative Reasoning. I'd be happy for that, since math isn't my strongest trait.
I also am having big time stress over what to do about jobs. The way it looks, I will not have a job after Dec 31. Funding just isn't there and that's that. Its life. In my experience, most jobs don't provide much flexibility for school, so this has made me wonder what I should do. Should I find a full time job and quit school...or keep going to school and pray something comes up that will work with schedules and live off of my grants/tax returns until I do find something? If I was single and had no kids, it would be an obvious choice. But my number one concern is being able to support my kids. However in the long run, getting my degree will give me a career...which just hopping from job to job won't do. So I don't know. I'm hoping some divine inspiration will come to me and tell me what to do. As of right now... I plan on staying in school and praying like no other that I'm able to make it. Cross your fingers for me and send good is definitely a time when I will need it.

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