Monday, October 24, 2011

Some {Worthy} Insight

This weekend was filled with good things. On Saturday I got determined and decided I was going to find a way to get my treadmill in my apartment and put somewhere where I could use it. I'm sure Dad was probably thinking "Oh boy here we go again..." but I promise that is the last time I move that treadmill until I buy a house or get married. I fully intend on staying where I am at until that time. Moving that thing is quite the feat, it is not "light weight and easy to move!" as the sales rep pitched me. Anyway...we got it torn apart and moved up into my apartment. It has a new home in my dining room right by the windows. And I will be using it. Every day.
Sunday I had a hard day in church. Sacrament meeting was full of constant fights and bickering between the boys, Ryder disobeying me and then LAUGHING when I'd scowl at him or tell him to be quiet. It was horrid. Then the sweet relief of Sunday School and kids going to Primary relieved me. In Relief Society the lesson was on the April 2011 Priesthood Power talk given by President Monson in the Priesthood session. I dunno if it was just the day, or the fact that the teacher is this amazing girl...but it struck a cord. She told a story of a girl who, despite her best efforts, was having a really hard time finding a good man. She dated a string of return missionaries who she thought would be spiritually sound, however that couldn't have been farther from the truth. She was at her darkest point and figured there were no worthy priesthood holders left. They were kinda like the Easter Bunny, you've heard of him but he's non-existent.
So the teacher left the story there for a moment and got into the talk.
Some points that really stood out for me were some quotes that were given. The first being:

"Choose a companion carefully and prayerfully; and when you are married, be fiercely loyal one to another. Priceless advice comes from a small framed plaque I once saw in the home of an uncle and aunt. It read, “Choose your love; love your choice.” There is great wisdom in those few words. Commitment in marriage is absolutely essential."

How true is that? Choose your love; love your choice. Even in the hard times, realize you chose to marry that person for a reason. And another:
President Howard W. Hunter said this about marriage: “Being happily and successfully married is generally not so much a matter of marrying the right person as it is being the right person.” I like that. “The conscious effort to do one’s part fully is the greatest element contributing to success.”

Another wise saying. Instead of focusing on the other persons faults and whats making you mad...focus on changing something in yourself to make the other person feel a little more special.
At the end of the talk she let us know that she was the girl from the story. She was the one who thought it was a hopeless cause. But, she didn't waiver in her beliefs and she got rewarded with a fantastic husband who loves and cares for her. I guess that's a sure fire sign. It also makes me realize that I need to make sure I am worthy to support the man I hopefully eventually end up marrying. And I'm not quite there yet. But I'm getting closer.
The talk is a fantastic one for both men and women, so I highly advise reading it if you have the chance. You can find it here. It gives sound advice on ways to improve your marriage as well if you find things are getting a little volatile. is to a good week ya'll. And happy marriages to those of you who have one. :)

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