Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where Did Fall Go?

The one thing I really hate about the weather here is that we never cycle through normal seasons. On Monday it was like 90 degrees and we had our A/C on. Last night it was raining so hard it kept the boys up. This morning it has snowed. Not a ton...and it's not sticking. But its still there and its still cold. I don't think we've broke 40 degrees yet. Ugh. The plus side...its perfect soup weather! I love a crockpot corn chowder recipe that I found in one of my many books, so that was on the docket. I got all the ingredients in there and we were out othe door yesterday morning. I came home to cold soup. The stupid crockpot hadn't been plugged in. Argh. But I just ended up cooking a batch by stove top and it was absolutely delish. I'm looking forward to leftovers for lunch today.

So I'm happy its starting to cool down, but I'm not so happy that fall got passed over. The snow can wait at least one more month and I'll be happy.
In other news, I had the kids' SEP meetings this week. Tyler is doing fantastic. On his Dibels tests (some great academic test) he scored 20-30 points over the average in all categories. I'm pretty positive she said he was the highest in the class on one of the tests if not all of them. He is also a very good student and listens well. He has lots of friends and everyone likes him. Makes me happy he is doing soo well.
Nate is also doing great. They test the Dibels alittle differently for him and its clumped in one score instead of 4 like Tylers, but he was about 20 points over the average as well. He was struggling with getting his homework turned in...he would do it but not turn it in. So he has started working with his teacher in the homework club at school and has improved significantly. He was also having a hard time remembering to write down his reading, but that is also getting better. So the two places he was struggling have been improved since his teacher and I talked about it.
I'm sure proud of those much as they hate when I push them to do homework and reading, they are smarty pants and doing well. I completely attribute that to daycare though...they should be taking credit for always doing a great job at making sure my kids are on track. I'm guessing that Ry will be the same way. I hope.

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