Monday, October 10, 2011

Flat tires and ball fights

I have decided that cars are no bueno. I am soo irritated at my car. It was definitely not my smartest investment ever. I'm almost wishing I would've kept the gas guzzling monster 'burb, it at least ran well. Argh. Anyway...this weekend the horrible demon car had two flat tires. Same tire, albeit, but still. twice. So I'm rollin with a donut right now. And the donut is actually in better shape than the tires. However it is a bigger than the rest. Really...this car is horrible. So anyway. Nate learned how to change a tire. Grandpa was very patient and let him learn how which was great...I think its important to know how. And he loved it.
 And I was in a dress so its good he did it and got dirty instead of me....cause I'm girly like that.

Something that I think will go down in Carlile memorial history was the ball fight that took part after family dinner on Sunday. It was hilarious. The kids loved it and the adults had even more fun I think!

The whizzing blurs are balls flying. I'm sure that the neighbors were thinking we were crazy...but it was soo much fun! And funny enough a great workout. We had a great time.

And...those were the highlights of the weekend. Hooray.

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