Tuesday, October 4, 2011


...was a good day. For the most part. When I woke up I found a monster spider, seriously...like the size of a baby kangaroo. It was huge. And it was up in the corner of my vaulted ceiling in my kitchen, obviously not easily reached. I hate spiders. Hate them with a passion and have a bit of a phobia about them. I prayed it would still be in that spot when I got home so I could try to catch it or smoosh it or something. I didn't want to have to wonder if I would wake up to it crawling on my face.

seriously...look at this bad boy!
So we got home and it was indeed still there. As a tangent....we did good on our goals yesterday. The boys got out their homework and finished it up, cleaned out backpacks, and got everything organized for today while I made dinner. Then we ate as a family at the table. My planned dinner (Shepards Pie) didn't happen because I realized I was out of hamburger so we just had a wierd assortment of leftovers. But it was relatively healthy all the same. After dinner, we cleaned up and had FHE. We are learning about the 6 bees from President Gordon B Hinckley. The 3 we focused on last night were Be Grateful, Be Smart, and Be Clean. I have told the boys that if they really try to work on these this week, they can get a prize.
Then came one of the most shocking experiences I've had in awhile. We needed to return some Redbox movies, so Nate when to go turn them in and I parked in the parking lot. The lady parked next to me door dinged me not once...not twice...4 TIMES. She almost knocked my mirror off with her door and left 3 visible dings on my door. And I was sitting RIGHT THERE. She didn't apologize, didn't acknowledge I was even there...just went on her merry way. Wow. I was shocked.
Ok back to the spider. We get done with all this side stuff and the spider is gone. And then scared the crap outta me because he'd hauled butt to the opposite wall and when I turned around I swear I could see his eyeballs. So I tried to get one of the boys to smash him, but they wouldn't. They told me to quit being a scaredy momma. So I got the vacuum and tried to suck it up but he resisted. That thing was strong. It finally got sucked up, but I made Tyler look in the vacuum attachment to make sure it went down and we both swear it was climbing up so I left the vacuum running and took it outside. Needless to say...the vacuum slept outside last night. And my neighbors probably think I'm a tard from all the dancing around and squeeling that was going on. Oy. Anyway. Let's hope the spider doesn't crawl in again. Too much trauma.

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