Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yesterday was a good day. Work was good, and I learned some good stuff. After work I jog/walked a mile and felt amazing for it. Then we went home and I made some healthy HG Alfredo with some additions of my own...namely a steamable package of broccoli and cheese.

The boys weren't too fond of it, but I thought it was absolutely delightful. It made 5 servings and each serving is 220 cal. Not too shabby I say. After eating and getting the boys' homework done (see? good on my goals today!) I got a text from friend (we shall refer to my ice cream guy as this from now on) wondering if he could stop by and say hello. And he did. I got kiddos put to bed and we had a good talk about school, politics, religion...all the stuff you probably shouldn't talk about but we actually share the same views on for the most part. He also asked alittle about my history and ended up learning probably more than he would've liked, but he kept asking questions. So he officially knows my past and is okay with it. Thats probably a good sign, since my past has been a rough one with lots of ups and downs. He also asked about Grayson. And was understanding. That meant alot. So it was an all around good night I think. And it felt soo good to run again...that is something I'm going to definitely keep up. Hopefully I can get my butt back in shape soon enough. This is good...Life is good....

And now some random kids pics I found :)

Ty and Ry like to sit out on the balcony...and I thought it was soo cute they squeezed into the same camp chair :)

Yes thats called child labor...wierdly they love cleaning their bathroom.

I love this pic...they were bored while we were waiting for Grandpa to come save us from a flat tire. And of course Ry refused to pose. Thats my boys!

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