Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty good day for completely goals. I REALLY wanted to go out to a new Chinese place here in town even though I didn't have the money. I resisted and instead had some delish Shepards Pie that was totally worth making. I'm looking forward to leftovers for lunch.
Healthy (or healthier than fast food) meal....check! 
After dinner, we went for a walk with some good friends. I'm looking forward to starting this new habit of walking every night with them...it helps the boys and I get out of the house and gives us exercise. We ended up walking 1.71 miles but didn't even seem like that long.
So exercise every night....check!
After some play time, the boys got jammies on and we read stories. I've been really wanting to get into a good bedtime routine. I give that half a check since we didn't get our nightly shower in....
but still...half check!
And when they went to bed....I read the accounting chapter that I knew I needed to read. I really didn't want to....but I did. And I get it now. And the chapter was insanely long...but I get it now.
Homework every night....check!
I've also made a goal to read two different books. The first is Daughters In My Kingdom which was given to me at church and we were encouraged to incorporate it with our normal study. The second is When Times Are Tough by John Bytheway. I have the goal of reading a chapter of each every night. Last night I did it.
Reading nightly....check!
The only thing I faltered on last night was FHE. By the time dinner was made and eaten, it was getting dark so we needed to go walking before it was too dark to go very far. Next week though.
I'm looking forward to tonight and seeing how far I get on my goals. Tomorrow I will be in Salt Lake for a meeting, so tonight and tomorrow will be a bit skewed....but we will try our best as always.

OH! In other news....
Have ya'll heard that your bank could most likely be charging you a fee every time you use a debit card? Yep. I've seen them as low as $2 and as high as $5 FOR EVERY TRANSACTION you making using a debit card! Call me crazy...but I'm going to start using  cash for absolutely everything if this is what its going to be like. I take that back...I'll strictly use bill pay for my bills (since no fees are being charged for that service......yet) and cash for everything else. I refuse to have my bank take my hard earned money because they feel I owe them for the honor of using their institution for my banking needs. Ludicrous ya'll....ludicrous. I know that so far, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Regions Financial are on board and some have already started charging. Is your bank next?


  1. I think you could totally consider the walk family home evening. SOmetimes it's more of a family night than family home evening anyway :)