Monday, October 3, 2011

October Goals....I know.....

I cannot believe it is already October. This year seems to have sped by right before my eyes. As I have looked back at some of my long term goals...I'm making progress. Very slight progress, but progress all the same. This month I want to challenge myself. I mean really challenge myself. I need to get kickstarted. So here goes. What made this kickstart happen you may ask? Struggling on 2 of the 3 tests I had last week, and blow drying my hair this morning. What does blow drying have to do with anything? When I lifted my arms up...I saw how fat they've gotten. Like beyond the normal relief society flap...ugh. So come on me the money.

Health and Wellness Goals

Goal 1: Plan and execute menus every week
Goal 2: Track all food every day on my calorie count app
Goal 3: Run 3 times a week and do weights the other 3 (1 rest day)

School Goals

Goal 4: Read out of one of my textbooks every night (this has been especially hard with my accounting book)
Goal 5: Study (having issues figuring out how I study best)
Goal 6: Attend class every day unless there is sickness or death in the family

Family Goals

Goal 7: Do homework as a family every night
Goal 8: Eat dinner at the table as a family
Goal 9: Work on sticking to bedtime routine

Religious Goals

Goal 10: Have FHE every Monday night
Goal 11: Read the Book of Mormon every night (long term goal is to have it read before the end of the year)
Goal 12: Have family prayer every day

Financial Goals

Goal 13: No using the overdraft account
Goal 14: Put money aside in savings
Goal 15: Get Christmas bought ahead of time while I still have money

This seems like alot....but these are all aspects that I'm aware I need to improve on. I'm also fully aware that I probably will not accomplish every single one of these goals in entirety by the end of the month. However I want to improve on them. I can't remember if it was a talk or a lesson that I got this from...but some words of wisdom I haven't forgotten are this.

No one expects you to change your life all in one day. You make improvements one step at a time. Make yourself aware of the things you would like to improve and then take one of them and work on it. Conquer it...then move on to the next. 

Alot of these are things I've just gotten lazy with and simply need to get in the habit of doing again, so it won't be hard to adjust. Others...I have true struggles with and they will need to be conquered one at a time. But that is what this life is about, right? Live, Love and Learn.

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