Friday, October 7, 2011


I really want long hair if/when I get married again, so I am determined to grow it out. Anyone who knows well me knows I get really tired of my hair really fast. I cut it or color it more than anyone I know. I've been trying to give it a break though. So I've been searching for cute and inventive ways to do my hair. I found a blog of a girl I went to high school with, Reagan, who is now a pretty successful hairdresser in New York City. She has also had an incredible (and sad but very inspirational) life after high school. I highly suggest you read her story. will cry but want to give her a high five. Anyway. She does tutorials and I've been trying to follow them so I can put up with my hair. The weather here has been windy and cold so up-dos have been my friend. this.

the back-ish

One side
Since the pictures are absolutely fantastic (hinting sarcasm...just in case you didn't get that) I parted my hair on the side where my natural part is and french braided each side until they met in the back. Then I pulled them together with any loose hair and created a messy bun. I also realized in taking these pictures that I have a short neck. Hmmm. Thats not very pretty.
Have a good weekend ya'll!

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