Friday, October 21, 2011

Good times....

After a bit of a whiney butt was brightened up a bit when we were able to go swimming after work yesterday. Ryder for some reason had anxiety which is odd, because he's been there about a billion times so I dunno why the big bucket of water dumping caused him soo much grief. But it did...whatever. And it was all fun and games until someone pooped in the pool. So we really only got like 30-45 minutes swim time, but that was plenty for me. Then Grandma invited us to go to McDonalds for dinner and it was a welcome invitation as I really wasn't feeling up to cooking...even if I looked like a hot mess.

I have missed my friend D terribly the last while and haven't gotten to see her since going to her house in July (totally my fault since I've been hermiting myself a bit) so when I got her text asking if we could come visit for a minute since they had something for me...I was all over it. We had a good talk and the boys got to play with the kids there. I got to see her very adorable prego daughter and sis in law, both of whom I love to death and also haven't seen in ages....and we got our invites to their Halloween party and Baby Shower. The thing I like about D...and my other two lovies I got to see that we are those special kinds of friends who can go for months without talking then pick right up again when we see each other. I always know they've got my back and I hope they know I've got theirs too.

So we were a bit tired and got home a bit later than I'd hoped....but it was totally worth it for the fun evening we had of spending
time with family and friends.

I've been coming across some blogs of friends from high school and it's been neat to see how their lives are going. Its also given me a bit of the green eyed monster of jealousy for those that have escaped Utah and are having all sorts of adventures in places like New York City. But...I am thankful for what I have and for having my family close by. So I will just live vicariously through them for awhile.

And its almost the weekend. I'm looking forward to being able to lounge around and get some laundry done. Weird...I think I'm getting old. I'm also planning on hitting the books so that I can possibly not fail this semester. Accounting is starting to make a bit more sense, but my Econ math is completely throwing me off. Practice practice practice I suppose....

Have a good weekend ya'll!

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