Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yesterday was a good goal day. I ate awesome the entire day and only went over by 100ish calories....but even that didn't matter at the end of the day. We had fish and rice for dinner at the boys gobbled it up. Then I decided we would get a jump start on FHE. I didn't realize (yes I'm a slacker) that Nate is old enough to work on his Faith in God. So last night was the first installment of getting the basics down. We all have charts we get to check off every time we accomplish one of the basics. Ty was being a stinker so I got distracted and wasn't able to go over the charts as well as I wanted, but I'm thinking we will do that tonight. And get a prize for whomever does the best on their charts. Afterwards, we made some witches hats (thanks for the inspiration Mom!) and the boys loved it.

Group shot...sorry Nate I thought you were in it more...

Nates finished product

Ryder working on it

Ty eating more frosting than decorating...

And I didn't eat any at that time. I was super proud of myself. It was very messy, so after everyone was done eating their hats they jumped in the shower and got jammies on. We have started a new bedtime routine where we shower, get jammies on, choose two books to read then read a chapter out of the scriptures. We are making a goal to finish the Book of Mormon. I have no idea if this will be beneficial to them or not, and they seem bored most the time, but we are going to finish it anyway.

After everyone was in bed, I busted out 2 miles on the treadmill (woot woot!) and ended up with a surplus of 77 cals for the day.... so what do I do? Grab a couple Hersheys Kisses. Mmmm. But even then I still ended up with 17 extra cals. I would call that a great day.

I even got some studying done. I read Part A of my accounting chapter. Tonight, I need to dedicate myself to a whole chapter. Because my next test opens up this Friday....so I better get on it. I feel better about this one though because I'm actually understanding the concepts better.

So I say the day was a WIN! Amazing what happens when you stop worrying about what you don't have and focus on the awesomeness that you do have....


  1. They may not remember what you read in the scriptures, but they will remember that you read.

  2. I agree...that's why I keep pushing it. And last night they even took turns reading...I think it will be a great thing :)