Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So its time for a little positive. I'm still feeling weighed down and bummed with my life, but I also need to focus on the fun happy times. This weekend...it was getting ready for Halloween time! The boys and I went shopping for costumes and we found some great ones if I do say so myself. But they are a secret. I'll take lots of pictures I promise :)
We then decided it was pumpkin carving time. We have been growing pumpkins and Grandpa and Grandmas house, and they were ready to go so the boys picked out the ones they wanted and off we went. This year I splurged and got a pumpkin carving kit and it was the best thing I could've done. The boys were super crafty and of course chose some of the hardest designs. But I think they turned out cute.

Nate jabbing his punkin

Ty cutting the top off

Ry just kinda staring.....he "helped" me

The boys all working on their pumpkins

The finished product...my Ryder's cat, Nate's spider and Tyler's ghost.
They are already starting to shrivel, so we might have to get bigger pumkins that we can space the designs out on so they don't get all wrinkley so fast.

Tonight we are going to go participate in the ward service project. My boys need to learn to serve I think. And there are donuts and hot chocolate being served afterwards. Thats always a bonus I think. We will see how much the boys gripe...but hopefully they enjoy it more so than think its a pain.


  1. Keep you chin up! You are just as special to Heavenly Father as the next guy :) And - I've been having wierd bouts lately too and think that finding happy thoughts and really focusing on those - as in this post - is the best thing we can do for ourselves :) xoxox

  2. Thanks :) It must be something in a water....but I agree. Happy thoughts can change perspective drastically. :)