Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And more

I think I might start naming these posts the Poop Chronicles. I had to share this little gem. Last night, Ry was REALLY wanting to go pee on the bushes. I'm not sure where he learned this from, but I kiboshed it on the patio and told him he had to go in the actual potty. So that brings us to an hour later. I could totally tell he was stinky (ugh) but we were going to take baths and such within the hour so I just let him be stinky. I know...bad parenting, but pull ups are expensive and I didn't want to use 3 in one night and it drives me CRAZY and I think its gross to put the same pull up on after a tubby, even if it's dry. Don't judge. :)
I'm lounging out, the boys are outside playing, and I hear "Ryder is peeing in the bushes!" I'm thinking "Ah dang please let this not be true, since he was also stinky."
And then Ry comes running in...shorts to his ankles, one side of his pull up completely off his body, the other side twirling around his ankle...and yep. Poop EVERYWHERE. 
No need to say that a shower was in store for that one. Yup, he bypassed the fun tubby and got sprayed off instead.
I really hope that this potty training thing happens soon.


  1. I'm totally up to date on the posts :) YUCK! sorry!! Good luck!

  2. Woohoo! I can comment again! Thanks! :)