Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes we just need a reminder....

...........that we are okay. That life isn't a horrible as it seems. That times will get better. And that we will move on. I can't count the number of times that I have told my kids:

"Appreciate what you have! There are people out there who would KILL to have food in their tummies, clothes on their backs, toys to play with...........!"

And then I remember that not even a week ago I was doing the same thing. I was whining and complaining because my life was not going the way I wanted...why couldn't I get a break....why can't I have an easy way de da de da. Then I was reading a blog I've been following (the same blog that gave me the spend less plan) and saw this:

I've taken my dose of humble pie. Who am I kidding....the whole freaking pie. We have a roof (not to mention a nice roof) over our head in a relatively safe neighborhood. We've never had to skip a meal. I've had to figure out how to live on a minimal income more than once, but at least I HAD an income. Now I have a good income and my biggest worry is managing my money. I have the opportunity to further my education.

I'm lucky.

And.....I need to quit whining. I'll work on that. I'm not guaranteeing anything...since I'm sure life will happen and something will toss my little apple cart around. But then I'll be reminded again of how lucky I am too and things will return to a (relatively) normal state. Its the vicious cycle of this happy > go through hard/life changing/miserable trials > learn from those trials > realize your one lucky girl/guy > start all over.

My point: Be happy. Unless your a malnourished child in a 3rd world country who hasn't had a meal or a drink of clean water in days and your lying in some grubby street somewhere on your deathbed due to starvation/illness/'ve got it pretty good my friend.

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