Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Festivities

Over the weekend we had quite a fun time. It all started at the Ren Faire. I promised the boys on Friday night we could go to the Reniassence Faire. And that I would let them buy tickets for the inflatables. But not too many. So we got the tickets, They had 3 a piece they could de la. The big bouncy castle was the most desirable one (except to Ty, who wanted to do a Gladiator-esque rock em sock em type of bouncy, but no one would go with him).

It started out with this....(thats the guy tellin Ry its time to get out)


BAM! Before I knew it mothers were going "Oh my gosh!" and I look over to see Ry getting up off the ground with blood dripping everywhere. He had apparently bounced off the step and faceplanted on the ground. What followed was 15 minutes (literally) of absolutely GUSHING blood from Ryders nose and possibly his mouth and a whole crowd of people surrounding us. I of course have nothing to sop up the mess with, but was lucky that some sympathetic moms were around who helped me out with a travel package of wipes and a nurse who told me "I generally mind my own business and don't stop to help...but this is a little kid and you look flustered." She was almost ready to get him to the hospital to catarize something...because blood wouldn't stop gushing. However....after that 15 min of him laying in her nap so that he was even to the ground...if finally stopped.

What mom doesn't get an 'after' shot of their child's bloody nose? Hehe. So needless to say, the inflatables were out of the question for the rest of the evening. My friend was helping with some gaming booths for TURN (a place that assists disabled folks) and the boys got a lot of loot from that. So it was good times. Then it was dinner at Dennys and bedtime for all. An exhausting day for sure. I was worried quite a bit about Ry's nose since it still bled on and off all night.

Saturday, however, he was fine (besides being a bit bored while shopping). 

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