Monday, July 11, 2011

Messes, Gross bodily fluids...and thoughts on the matter

For the last like, year, I've been trying to potty train Ry while not pressuring him and scaring him off from the whole process. However my dear, sweet Nate made sure to let him know that there is a potty monster in the potty just waiting for him to eat him up or attach him or something. I'm still not sure what he all said...but I'm happy daycare caught on. And that explains why Ry has been refusing to go potty. in the mornings and on the weekends I've been letting him be a nudist in hopes that he can potty train. Because no kid would even dream of peeing (or pooping for that matter) on the floor. Right? RIGHT?!


Saturday Ry pulled off his pullup in the morning and was free birding it. Which I was fine with. Until I stepped out of my bed and my foot landed on a damp pair of shorts. Odd I thought. But I still wasn't very coherent so I did my morning whatevers and when I walked back into my smelled like pee. The little bugger had peed on my floor! Then, he dragged me into the potty to show me he had pooped in the potty (Yay! I can forgive the pee incident for that).
So I go downstairs and we are eating breakfast in front of the TV and I smell something funky. Ry had pooped was now all over the floor and on the couch. But it was not enough to make me think that was the only place it could've landed. Then I hear "Ry pooped!" from the bathroom and low and behold....the kid had pooped on a pair of my pants in the bathroom. Not in the potty...on the floor. On a pair of my pants. My work pants. (dunno what it is about him finding my clothes to potty on, but do you see the trend?) So I clean that up and while walking through the kitchen step in a little puddle. A little yellow puddle.
And a couple hours I go to sit on the couch....The crack between two of the cushions is wet. And guess what it smells like?
Yup. I tore apart my couch and washed the covers in hopes that I wouldn't destroy my couch or shrink the covers. It didn't. And now my couch looks a BILLION times better and smells like lavender :)

Lesson learned? Yes. No more nudists allowed in my house. Pullups are going to be a requirement from now on. And I PRAY that he will figure this potty thing out soon. I'm tired of dishing out millions of dollars for 10 pull ups.

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