Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pioneer Day

Yesterday we had the chance to celebrate Pioneer Day. It was a blast. We woke up at 6 am (YES 6 AM) for Nate's first flag raising, which he needed to get the belt loop for Boy Scouts. It was soooo early but worth going . Nate got to ask everyone to follow him in the pledge, which he had a bit of a mix up with but all in all he did great.

After the flag raising, we particpated in the forever old tradition of the 2nd Ward 24th of July Breakfast. It was delicious. And sooo not on my WW plan but worth every point I ate. Absolutely delish.

The parade came next. We went with Grandma, Valena and the girls, and Valena's mom. It was muggy and the floats were about 10 minutes apart but the boys had fun so there ya go.

The boys found their $5 Walmart gift cards they had recieved for various events (Nate for Boy Scouts and Ty from his birthday) and decided to go cash them in. So 2 hours in Walmart later.....Nate came out with a new Tech Deck and Tyler got a new Ninjago Lego set. Both were content, so we went home and I had a nap while they played.

We then went to Grandpa and Grandmas where we had a yummy meal of hot dogs and hamburgers then had a Wii MarioKart competition. Then a movie of Garfield. On the way out the door, the neighbors invited us over to watch their fireworks and they were AWESOME. The big finale was the neighbor guy Jason (who is fearless) blowing flames. He lit a newspaper on fire then sucked in some cornstarch and literally blew flames. It was crazy.

So that was our fun filled day.....worth every minute and a whole lot of fun.

In other news....Friday is the day I sign my new lease and can start moving. I'm sad to leave where I'm at, but the lower rent is going to be worth it. And the pool that comes with the complex will be worth it. I hope that in my quest of downsizing....this will help and we can get back to even ground again. Crossing fingers. 

*And...I had a really cute pic of Ry but I will have to post it later....since my phone is taking 10 years to email it to me. 

**Have a great day!

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