Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The weekend and other things

We had a fantastic weekend. It really was such a great time. Saturday...I weighed in. And gained a pound. But I'm grateful that it was only a pound and not 5 lbs. I honestly...on thinking back...can't remember what we did all Saturday but I know it included shopping and such. Sunday, however...was fantastic. We went to church and my first day at teaching the 7 year olds went fantastic. I am really going to enjoy this calling...even though I have a feeling its going to be for a short time. The boys had a blast as well. After a nice, long nap the boys and I went to Scott and Betsys for a fantastic dinner. Afterwards, some of their neighbors and friends came over and we played lawn bowling (I have no idea how to spell the real name) and had such a good time! I need to purchase that game...its pretty fun. And a good workout! They had a whole lot of fireworks so we ended up lighting them off for about 1 1/2 hrs I think and just had such a fantastic and awesome night. Thanks for inviting us Betsy!
Monday we had a tough go at waking up. But we managed to get up in time to go to the parade. Afterwards we went to the Main Street park and walked around. And let me tell you...they had $1 games that kids could play....and you would think if your paying a dollar to throw a ball or golf, that some sort of small consolation prize would be offered. Oh no. I won't be paying any more money at those things from now on unless there is some sort of consolation prize. Nate's highlight was getting dunked in the dunk tank. We were able to meet up with the family at the park afterwards and had a relaxing lunch. Volleyball ensued and was a whole lot of fun. I got rather sunburnt, but enjoyed myself all the same. The fireworks from the city were fantastic as well...good show firemen!

We had a great weekend but the picture says it all. We are going to have to do a serious sleepfest to recoup but it really was such a fun weekend.

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