Friday, August 5, 2011

Disneyland, books, and a FISCAL FAST

Disneyland is quickly approaching! This time next Friday I will be on the road. I cannot wait. This trip is bringing lots of excitement for me and of course, lots of stress over the financial aspect (how on earth do they stay in business charging hundreds of dollars just for tickets?! oh yeah...people like me who will dish it out for a moment of happy faces on their kids.....). But I have faith that all will turn out well and we will be okay. Plus it will be nice that as soon as we get back, my paycheck will be here AND my grant money will be here. So..things should be okay. More than anything, I am looking forward to the break from life that this will bring me. I've been desperately needing that break.

Since moving, I have been SUPER antsy at night. I dunno why...just have been. Probably because there isn't much to do at night now that I don't have a monster house to take care of. mom suggested a new series for me to read. The first book, Under Currents by Traci Hunter Abramson, was fantastic. I finished it in one night. Its about an LDS girl who is forced to enter the Witness Protection Program after her boyfriend is shot by some Drug Lords. Trying to adjust to a new life and mourning the death of her father and boyfriend (who died within a month of each other) finds her lonely and miserable in her new life. Then she meets the handsome young man she will soon fall in love with and they have quite the adventure together.
The one I'm reading now is Ripple Effect and it starts with her in yet another new identity, starting over AGAIN. I'm about half way through it and cannot wait to see what happens. It's starting to get to the really good parts. At this moment in the book, she was called to testify against the big drug cartel people, and now she has disappeared and no one can find her (well at least her roommates and boyfriend can't, but they are the only family she has). Should be interesting! I'm hoping to finish the book tonight.

My first fiscal fast is going to start as soon as I get my food shopping done tomorrow. To learn in detail what I'm doing, click here to read how a blogger I follow is going at it. It's similiar to what another friend of mine is doing here. I'm hoping this will help me prepare for Disneyland. The blogger at link 1 found it very invigorating and I'm hoping it has the same effect on me. However, I do like what the blogger in link 2 is doing as well and setting certain "No Spend" days per month. Both are great ideas that I will be trying to incorporate into my crazy little life soon enough.
To explain, the fiscal fast means that I will not spend money at all on anything for a set amount of time, or a set number of days per month. That means the day before, make sure you have gas in the car and adequate food in your cupboards. Then you fast. You don't spend a single dime for that entire amount of time. In my case, its going to start tomorrow (Saturday) and end on Thursday night/Friday (whichever day we end up leaving to Disneyland).

I think thats it....everyone have a great weekend!

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