Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Poop Chronicles continued....

I swear.......this potty training thing is NEVER going to happen ya'll. Nah I shouldn't say that, the pee part is happening. Example: as we were leaving daycare Ry says "I gotta go potty!" I tried to brush it off and tell him to wait, but he was having nothing of it. So he went. And actually did good! He must've been holding it cause he pee'd for like 15 seconds (compared to his normal pee for 1/100000000000th of a second and be done). So I ate my foot and he got a sticker from his daycare teacher. However, at dinner he stood up from the table and gave that look. Any momma who has ever had to potty train a kid knows that look. He was totally pooping. So I jump up from the table and we run into the potty....and he sits there. And bobs his head. I tell him to git-r-done, demonstrate the "pushing" face in hopes that he will push (nope...he just growled a little), do a little potty dance......all of which he finds amusing. None of which actually help our cause. After like 10 years 5 minutes, he finally he hops off and says he's done. No poop.
But I know this kid. In 5 minutes the aroma of poop will fill the house. AFTER he gets off the potty. But I was hungry and so was he so I let him off the potty and off we went to finish dinner.
He proved me wrong. There was no poop aroma after 5 minutes.....It took 15.
Dang potty training.

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