Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poor Ty

So I initially was going to rant and rave about a one liner I recieved yesterday that broke the camels back. Drove me to my wits end. And any other catchy phrase you could think of. However, I'm not going to. I know what I need to do to rectify the situation (get out of it) and am working on doing so. I hope it happens soon, send me good mojo and wish me luck.


My poor Tyler has had quite the last couple days. Probably 2 weeks ago after a bath Tyler told me he thought he might have cut himself. Sure enough, it looked like a fingernail scratch right above his junk (I can't think of a more delicate way to put it....). He has had a problem keeping his hands out of that region and finally I broke down and, in essence, said "See I told you that if you kept playing with that thing you'd hurt yourself. See?" And left it at that. I thought it had worked because my parenting skills rock. However a week went by and he came up and told me it was really starting to hurt down there. So we checked it out and the cut was gone, however he was really really raw in all the wrong places. So we just tried to keep in clean and dry it hopes it would go away. Well Sunday night they were taking baths and he came out almost in tears. When he unwrapped his towel I almost had a mini flip out. He was raw and crusty and it had spread around the whole area and down his legs. I felt sooo bad for him but didn't know what to do so we called Grandma and set a time to have her look at it on Monday.

Well...come Monday, when he dropped trough for Grandma we noticed some white zit looking things as well that I hadn't noticed the night before. It was time to see the doc. Tyler was a little scared...we had to go to the Instacare seeing as how it was 8 pm when this all went down. He was hoping for the boy doc, but no. It was the girl one that sounds like a mouse. She is really nice....but wow that voice! Anyway....I didn't realize how much anxiety he had until he started asking questions while we waited. Was it going to hurt to have it looked at? Will they give him medicine to feel better? And the best one....."Will they have to cut "it" off??" Poor kid....but when he knew his junk was safe he commenced with the chitter chatter only a 5 yr old boy could come up with. "They are going to cut it off, then put water in it, and then fling the water around out of it" was just one of the many different ways he figured they could solve the problem.

So the doc comes in...he drops trough....and for the first time ever she talked normal. Yes! She actually talked normal. Granted it was only for like a split second to say "Oh my goodness!" before she re-gained her composure, but still. The diagnosis? He had a yeast infection.....that had a staph infection mixed in. Poor kid. We got him the prescriptions and stocked up on Lysol germ killer and went home to bed. This morning, everything is looking MUCH better. Amazing how medication can start working after just one dose. Thank you modern technology. However, no preschool allowed until the puss things clear up. So he gets to go to the Grandparents house today. I hope he gets feeling better soon, there is nothing worse than knowing your poor kid is hurting.

*I was going to attempt a picture without any boy parts showing of course, but I decided not to...so I went to google some pictures of the typical infections....and I almost puked. So sorry...no visual today.

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