Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holy Smack!

Hey ya'll! FINALLY we are back....but the whirlwind of life is still rollin' on! Disneyland was amazing. We had such a great time. The house we stayed in was absolutely beautiful. The boys LOVED Disneyland with the favorite rides being Toy Story, Thunder Mountain and Soaring California. And Nemo for Ryder. Church and the beach on Sunday was fun...except for a minor incident of a certain Grandpa losing his way while trying to pick us up....but all was not lost and we got home safely. Albeit 3-4 hours later than we had planned. Tyler had a fantastic birthday...even though he didn't want to wear his Disneyland birthday button. But he did think it was awesome that he got to see fireworks on his birthday.
The trip was memorable and I got to know my family better. I'm happy we went and everything went relatively smoothly all weekend long.
Today Nate and Ty started school. They didn't want me to go with them, so Grandma drove them. And they were too big for her to walk them into class. Of course. Tomorrow they said they will let me walk them in. We shall see.
Monday I start school. I'm anxious. I don't quite know why but I am really nervous to go back. Maybe all the changes that are going on and such all at one time? Probably. I do look forward to it though.
My mind is a little fried still so I will go into detail more about all of the above when things have calmed down alittle. Until then, here are some pics from our big trip. These are just the ones from my phone...I will post the ones from my camera when I can get to a USB cord to upload.
Now....for  PIC OVERLOAD! In no particular order, here we go. :)

Nate and I at our first gas stop

San Clemente beach on Friday

On the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland!

The boys waiting for Autotopia in Disneyland

Tyler burying himself at Huntington Beach on Sunday

Ty and Ry (and Addy in the background) at Huntington Beach

Nate refused to have his pic heres the other two in Toon Town

Our stop on the way home at the Las Vegas Town Square...this place is seriously awesome. Loved it!

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