Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Truly Truly Blessed

This always happens. I whine and get frustrated and then the amazing happens.
I'll start at the semi-beginning.
I have been struggling with some things and finally got down on my knees and pleaded and prayed for some answers. I needed something. That was on Sunday night. Monday morning, I whine and complain at ya'll. Monday after work, my pleading and prayers (an apparently the prayers of many others....I'm truly blessed) were answered. I'll explain more in detail later, but a FANTASTIC and UNBELIEVABLE opportunity has come my way. I can only hope I'm up to snuff so I can take the opportunity and run with it. My faith has been rather shakey of late...and now I don't think I will ever doubt that again. I truly feel like my prayers were answered in one big swoop.
But...along with this awesome blessing, I'm feeling a bit jittery and nervous. If everything pans out, this will result in a BIG change for me and my boys and I'm kind of scared about that. I've never been one to be weary of change, I've welcomed it. But now that I'm getting older, I think I'm ready to settle down a bit. This new opportunity will definitely be a starting point for that, but I'm still nervous. So many things could effect the outcome that it's overwhelming.
So...I will keep praying. And thank you to anyone else who has been saying prayers in my behalf...prayers are being answered.

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