Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Highlights

I was sooo excited for this weekend to come. Probably because I needed a little break to just breath after the hectic week. Saturday I had a disappointing weigh in and made the commitment to get back on track this month. In fact, a friend of mine and I have made a wager to see who can lose 20 lbs the quickest. He is currently deployed however, and a I think I might lose this challenge. But it is making me want to work harder. (And no....he is not a love interest. He is happily married with 2 kids. We are just friends...I know someone would ask lol) So I'm looking forward to that. So far, so good.
After weigh in we did our shopping and then decided to go swimming. We were only in the water about 20 minutes when Nate started trying REALLY hard not to cry. I swam over and asked what was up, and then saw the wasp in the water and the little prick on his finger. Poor kid had been bit (according to him. I still say stung). So we went home and were bored. I decided to check and see where my bank accounts were standing and to my surprise, my grant money from school had been deposited! That made this girl very happy because now we could go school shopping for the boys. We ended up getting them a couple new outfits plus some church clothes. And then I gave in and got me a cheapo charcoal BBQ and a couple $10 camp chairs for the deck. I brilliantly set up the BBQ all by myself and we commenced with grilling burgers instead of having the chicken that I originially planned on. And after much distress about lighting the friggin coals (for an hour at least)...we got it going and settled down to eat our burgers at 7:30 pm. And they were amazing.
Mmm burgers...yes that is cheese AND pineapple.

Sunday started out rough with me being woke up at like 1:30 - 2:00 by a crowd of people beating the crap out of some kid right outside my bedroom window. After I woke up enough to realize that it wasn't the neighbors or someone's TV, and that it wasn't stopping, I guessed on the dispatch number and called it in. That got me all hyped up so I took a shower and finally fell asleep again at like 3:00. Sunday was also our very first week at our new ward. It was in a new building so we drove up there and I decided to throw my keys and phone in my church bag and just lock my purse in the car. Nate offered to carry the church bag (so I thought) and as I was walking around the car...all doors now locked....I saw Nate empty handed....yeah. He said he decided not to take it and thought I was. UGH. So as anyone who has EVER taken kids to a place where they were supposed to be quiet for any length of time, you can imagine my disdain for wanting to try to tackle church without snacks, books, little toys, and drinks that were all inconvienently locked in my car. But we did it. And it wasn't THAT bad (if by not THAT bad I mean that they kicked and poked and proded each other the ENTIRE meeting and if my car wouldn't have been completely useless, we would've gone home for naps....)
Anyway. The locksmith we use at work came out and saved me after church and only charged me his normal rate instead of the normal weekend emergency rate. It was good.
The rest of the day went peaceful and we just enjoyed each others company. I finished the last book in the series I was reading by Traci Hunter Abramson which is rather depressing. I've really enjoyed all the books and hope she comes out with another one soon.

As an edit: I started this post in the AM but got super finishing it right now!
I just got out of my first day of classes and I think it will be great! However, I am thinking that I will have to buckle down and get internet since I have one online class and my accounting class is set up so that EVERYTHING is done online. So....sigh. Looks like I'm adding an expense to the budget. I hate that. But its for the greater good I suppose. Now does anyone know of a cheap but efficient internet provider in the Southern Utah region?!

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